Apollo Brown Visits Arizona For “Mello Sessions”

Apollo Brown: Mello Sessions

Apollo Brown shares a lot of his music in this “Mello Sessions” video.

Apollo Brown recently flew out to the Mello Headquarters in Tucson, Arizona to preform a Mello Sessions Beat Showcase.  While in town he stopped by Wooden Tooth Records for an in-store, signing autographs, taking pictures and talking with fans. He talked with Trial & Error for an interview, sat down with The Takeover Lounge for a podcast discussion, and ventured out into the desert for a photo shoot with the esteemed Julius Schlosburg.

To close out the big visit, Apollo put on an hour + beat showcase live on Bandcamp featuring a decade plus retrospective of his music featuring 57 tracks – from Ghostface to Mr. T, Clouds to This Must Be The Place, Dice Game to Blacklight. It was a busy few days but we captured much of it to share with everyone. 

We’ve got the video of the full showcase on youtube now, a highlight reel from his in-store, photos from JPop (Julius Schlosburg), the interview, and even an ultra-limited edition 10″ Lathe Cut Record featuring 30 minutes of his live beat showcase.  Be sure and cop his new instrumental album “This Must Be The Place” while you’re at it!

Apollo Brown came out to the Mello Headquarters for a Mello Sessions Beat Showcase. For over an hour Apollo played a retrospective spanning his decade + career. All told, it’s a 57 track playlist hosted by Apollo himself.

While in Arizona for his Mello Sessions run, Apollo stopped in to Wooden Tooth Records where he signed autographs, took photos, talked with fans and played an impromptu selection of rare and classic beats.  We cut together a few moments for this highlight reel of the in-store.

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