Pancho Lets You Know Who He Is In “Who Am I”

Pancho - Who Am I

Pancho shares new “Who Am I” video.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Pancho, unfortunately, lost his job like many across the world. At home with a laptop, video games, and consuming content on social media, is where an idea spurred to start a YouTube channel. He started making reaction videos for his channel overlaid over his own video game montages. The channel took off, with Pancho currently nearing 2 million subscribers on his main channel with almost 200 million views in two and a half years. Now Pancho is going back to his roots of making music.

Back in middle school, Pancho started producing music, starting off with electronic and evolving that into making hip-hop beats. And today Pancho releases his new single “Who Am I,” which is also entirely produced by him.  With a heavy melodic influence, Pancho’s goal is to put on for his hometown of Topeka, KS. Speaking about “Who Am I” Pancho says, “This song is basically a confidence booster for myself and anyone else listening who feels like they have trouble finding who they are. It’s about knowing yourself and persevering.”

Pancho is going to be consistently releasing singles throughout the year, as well as continuing to grow his YouTube presence even more. Content runs through his veins, and this is just the start for him. He’s also finding ways to constantly give back. He recently supported the Atlanta Hawks at State Farm Arena for their million meal pack, hair net, and all! You can see a recap of that here (

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