Namir Blade Returns With New “Mephisto/Deep” Video

Namir Blade- Mephisto Deep Video

Namir Blade shares the new “Mephisto/Deep” video.

Multi-instrumentalist, producer, and rapper Namir Blade is back with a new music video “Mephisto/Deep,” the latest visual from his album Metropolis. Out now on Mello Music Group, Metropolis is a speculative memoir unstuck in time, a quest for joy as late-stage capitalism crumbles that looks wearily to a near-future dominated by tech oligarchs.

The new visual combines album highlight Mephisto with Deep (Interlude). Inspired by German folklore Mephistopheles, Mephisto tackles the exchange of virtues in order to gain influence, wealth, or material things as it relates to the entertainment industry. In the second half of the video comes Deep (Interlude), which Namir wrote while watching Blade Runner. The track is about impermanence and how beautiful and scary it can be. Namir explains, “I decided to write a song from [Rick] Deckard’s point of view capturing the thought process of someone who is almost scared to love.”

Namir Blade Will Not Allow Them To Downplay His Genius On “Mephisto”

Metropolis brings out a new level of vulnerability in Namir Blade’s songwriting as he deals with themes of loneliness, assimilation, self doubt, joy, suffering, social decay, and vanity in an ever-changing world where technology reigns supreme. Namir recorded, produced and mixed the album all from his living room, making it his first completely self-produced project. With Metropolis, Namir Blade garnered critical acclaim from NPR, The FADER, Consequence, Bandcamp Daily, HipHopDX, FLOOD, and more; in addition to being featured by Ebro Darden on Apple Music.

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