Rich Luciano Is Out Here “Sinnin” With Help From Haddy Racks

Rich Luciano feat. Haddy Racks - Sinnin Video

Rich Luciano connects with Haddy Racks in new “Sinnin” video.

Every year, as Halloween grows closer, the villainous side of even the purest souls seems to show its face. It is no different when Queens, New York’s Rich Luciano begins to sense the beginnings of a betrayal. Luciano, who is best known for being undefeated in NY’s underground battle circuit, teams up with Bronx Bar-barian, Haddy Racks, and producer Clipsmoke, for “Sinnin” single and music video. The gruesome visuals captured by Caged Cubez brings both emcees’ metaphors to life reminding anyone who prays on their downfall can quickly become prey themselves. In short, “Sinnin” is a meticulously orchestrated blood bath showcasing Rich and Haddy’s deadly bar-work intended for anyone who steps in their way.

Rich Luciano gave a detailed explanation of his “Sinnin” music video, stating, “Everyone can relate to having haters at some point in their lives. Some choose to brush them off, but I have always preferred crushing my enemies completely. That is why we went so graphic and over-the-top with these visuals. I wanted to give the viewer a top-shelf blockbuster presentation of this song. Sinnin is a cinematic thriller.”

“Sinnin” is available on Rich Luciano’s EP titled “The New Era, Pt. 2” which is out now on all platforms via Rich Levels.  For more of Rich Luciano visit

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