Smartbombmusic Calls Out Wanna-Be And Studio Gangsters With New Video “Euthanasia” Feat. Rockness Monsta & XL The Beast

Smartbombmusic feat. Rockness Monsta & XL The Beast - Euthanasia Video

Smartbombmusic connects with Rockness Monsta and XL The Beast in “Euthanasia” video.

Smartbombmusic (Dr. Whooligan & Rock The Wolf) are here to both entertain and inform. Hailing from the old-school era and the 90s Boston hardcore scene, their musical influences came from break beats, originality lyrical content, and that head-nodding infectious bass blasting. Their debut single Euthanasia Featuring Rockness Monsta (Heltah Skeltah) and XL The Beast is produced by Nickel Plated and is reminiscent to some classic 90s lyrical Boom Bap.

Directed by SandoFilms, The visuals have a grimy esthetic emphasizing its hardcore Hip Hop nature. “Its a call out to wanna-be- and studio gangster rappers. Most of what is being played is not appealing to me because it sounds the same. I feel it promotes stereotypes and serves to reinforce the narrative.” says Dr. Whooligan. “I knew Smartbombmusic needed to come out the gate swinging for their first single” says XL.

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