Dee Havior Releases “Gold Standard” Video

Dee Havior

Detroit, Michigan rapper Dee Havior delivers a descriptive timeline in his new video “Gold Standard.”

In the video, we see Dee Havior in his element of performing lyrically. This rendition is about idolizing hustlers who make moves to better themselves and make a name for themselves. He shares his own timeline of experiences that led him to the man and artist fans see today. His goal in the present day is to make it gold standard style.

The hook, “This is gold standard this the paper route how every rebel where I’m from tried to make it out, if you get caught slipping n*ggas take you out” emphasizes the theme of the record while a sonic backdrop elevates Dee Havior’s emotiveness.

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shot & edited by Elev8_photography1

Yoel Molina Law

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