Roy-AL & Bobby Stone Help “Liberate” In New Video

Roy-AL & Bobby Stone - Liberate

Roy-AL and Bobby Stone deliver the new video for “Liberate.”

There are numerous images in our culture that do not allow us to aspire to be great. However there are people in our culture who are combatting those images with their light. One such artist is Bobby Stone. We hope that you all see what Bobby Stone is doing in the culture. He is a father first and foremost. He is also an incredible entrepreneur.

Gran Fortune & Bobby Stone Inspire In New “Movement” Video

Today Bobby Stone and producer Roy-AL release the new visual for “Liberate.” The images that we see influence us to live a life different than what we should. Many from the outside continue to tell us how to live but Bobby Stone wants to help “Liberate” us from those thoughts. Going into the new year, let’s “Liberate” ourselves and begin to live a lifestyle of light.

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