Piffsmoke X Dublohskytzo “Toxic” Video

Piffsmoke X Dublohskytzo "Toxic" Video

Piffsmoke delivers visuals for the third release off his new album ‘Product of the Golden Era.” The video “Toxic” is produced by Dublohskytzo and emanates a chilling vibe.

Piffsmoke is seen wearing a hazmat suit and mask which adds a sense of intensity to his harsh wordplay. On and off the mic people need to take precautions around him. He’s taking no losses, “birthing what I write and give abortions umbilical recording.”

An invigorating, jazz arrangement is reminiscent of a Pam Grier films era while quaking bass heightens the rawness spewed from Piffsmoke. Watch the video for “Toxic” and connect below.




Yoel Molina Law

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