William Cooper & Stoneface Unveil “Armed Rabbi” Video Feat. Late Rapper Blacastan

William Cooper & Stoneface - Armed Rabbi

William Cooper and Stoneface deliver new “Armed Rabbi” video.

The thin line between good and evil runs through the heart of every man. The power to choose good can sometimes be one of life’s most challenging tasks, especially if one hasn’t equipped their being with the necessary weapons needed for spiritual warfare. In order to survive life’s shark-infested waters, one must become an “Armed Rabbi”, a divine leader strapped with the tools to combat negative energy and the many faces of evil.

Eloheem Team a/k/a E.T. (William Cooper & Stoneface), who frequently refer to themselves as God’s Team, have emerged with a sonic blessing and Jimmy Giambrone-directed music video titled “Armed Rabbi” featuring the late Army of the Pharaohs and Demigodz wordsmith, Blacastan. The track’s intoxicating backdrop is provided by Grammy Award-winning producer RoadArt, best known for his work with RaekwonGhostface KillahSchoolboy QTeyana TaylorLil Wayne, and Freddie Gibbs, masterfully blends angelic melodies and precise synthesizer notes with hypnotizing boom-bap drum-breaks creating the perfect pulpit for these three emcees to deliver their magnetic message of spiritual triumph.  The music video, filmed in the BronxNew York inside the recording studio and rooftop of Guerrilla Grooves Radio, captures this opus’s beauty and strength, a visual safari showcasing these metaphor carnivores in their natural habitat.

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Eloheem Team’s Stoneface spoke about “Armed Rabbi”, declaring, “We were taught to use the tool and the sword at a very young age to prepare us for life’s lessons. Sometimes we have to build or rebuild and sometimes we have to destroy. Our mission is to properly arm our youth and future leaders.” E.T.’s William Cooper added, “It is essential to build a solid circle and stop giving away your energy. You must keep and protect your power by routinely cleansing your physical and mental spaces. When you arm yourself with positivity, sky is the limit. That’s an armed rabbi.” The enlightened rhyme duo went on to explain that with their beloved friend Blacastan’s passing, it is now all of our jobs to keep his spirit immortal. Stoneface added, “I hope this song ignites the love of everyone who knew or was a fan of Blac to keep his fire burning. We salute our bro and will always do our part to keep his light shining. Rest in peace.”

Eloheem Team’s “Armed Rabbi” single and music video are available now on all streaming platforms via Gemstarr Regime Records.

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