Whichcraft & Hilltop Plant “The Seed” With New Visual

Whichcraft & Hilltop - The Seed

Whichcraft and Hilltop drop off their new single titled “The Seed.”

It has been almost two weeks since Whichcraft and Hilltop released their “God’s Tongue” album. Today we find ourselves with a visual from the album. Most everything that is considered to be alive came from a seed. The new video for “The Seed” came from a thought that was birthed when these two artists decided to work together.

Whichcraft & Hilltop Give You A Gift With “God’s Tongue” Album

Whichcraft and Hilltop plant “The Seed” of music into your ears with the lyrics that will help you grow. It is not always easy for the seed to flourish and grow, as there many obstacles that it needs to overcome. There will be time that you will believe “The Seed” will not grow into what it is meant to be, however, don’t give up as everything you need will soon come.

Yoel Molina Law

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