Freddie Black Releases New “Nothing Like Hip-Hop” Video

Freddie Black - Nothing Like Hip-Hop

Freddie Black is back with his new “Nothing Like Hip-Hop” video.

Freddie Black Celebrates 50 Years of the Culture with “Nothing Like Hip Hop” his first of 3 Tunecore singles dropping this month!!!
“Nothing Like Hip Hop,” in celebration of 50 years of the culture is produced by Castle Money Beats with cuts from DJ John Gotem “Nothing Like Hip Hop” is a tribute to the culture that has defined Black’s career and influenced generations of artists.

Freddie Black & Castle Money Beats Release “The Picture”

“Nothing Like Hip Hop” features Freddie Black’s signature flow and insightful lyrics, backed by Castle Money Beats’ hard-hitting production and DJ John Gotem’s scratch techniques. The song is a celebration of hip-hop‘s past, present, and future, and a testament to the enduring power of the culture.

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