‘Cali Ozone’ Is The New Animated Visual From A-F-R-O, Ras Kass & 60 East

A-F-R-O, Ras Kass & 60 East - Cali Ozone

A-F-R-O, Ras Kass and 60 East starr in new animated “Cali Ozone” video.

Independent Hip-Hop artists A-F-R-O and 60 East recently announced they will be releasing a joint EP titled “At The Sideshow.” The project showcases not only the two MCs’ lyrical abilities, but also A-F-R-O’s lesser-known skills as a beat-maker. The five-song EP is a manifestation of a years-long friendship between the two, particularly their shared interests in film, television, and comedy.

At The Sideshow is thematically inspired by one of the most iconic animated television shows in American popular culture, Beavis and Butt-Head. More specifically, it’s a reflection of the two friends spending much of their time together analyzing and criticizing movies, shows and music – similar to how Beavis and Butt-Head would do.

Cali Ozone” is the first Single off the EP and features West Coast Legend Ras Kass and cuts by Mando The DJ. Cali Ozone is the first single off the EP, which features West Coast legend Ras Kass and cuts by Mando the DJ.

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