The Cause Releases ‘Empath’s Paradise’ Visual Feat. Niambi J

The Cause feat. Niambi J - Empath's Paradise Video

The Cause returns with his new “Empath’s Paradise” video featuring Niambi J.

Some of the most poisonous people tend to slither within our closest circles spreading their highly contagious and venomous energy while simultaneously sabotaging your happiness and personal growth. Whether a relative, business partner, or close friend, a toxic person will drain your entire being and resources leaving you more physically and mentally exhausted than before your interaction with them. There comes a time when we have to cut out toxic people and their negativity in order to reclaim our joy, and energy, and get back on the path of self-improvement.

New Jersey Alternative Hip Hop Artist, The Cause, riding the wave of Hot 97‘s Peter Rosenberg spinning multiple songs from his new EP “Release Party 2: Empath’s Paradise” strikes while the iron is hot, unveiling his new music video “Empath’s Paradise”, an ode to growth through purposeful loss.  The Cause detoxifies his cipher over a spellbinding KrazyJay-produced soundscape, spitting bars of growth and advancement through the removal of all that is toxic, masterfully setting up the Niambi J-laced chorus declaring, “I won’t get another chance to be me”, a reminder to get your affairs in order sooner rather than later. 

The Starz Coleman visuals document The Cause’s rise in recent years, capturing his significant travels to a better tomorrow.  The Cause spoke about “Empath’s Paradise”, asserting, “This song is about setting yourself free to keep blossoming. We all get just one chance to be the best possible version of ourselves, and this a musical reminder of that sentiment.”

The Cause’s “Empath’s Paradise” is the title track of his EP “Release Party 2: Empath’s Paradise” which features additional guest appearances from Big Rube of the Dungeon FamilyLuchi WalliNiambi JTHE i OF A GENiUSO.N.E. Hundred Grand, and Shon Godi, and is available now on all platforms via New Jupiter Music.

Yoel Molina Law

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