Massachusetts’ Lateb Takes Everyone On A Painful A.I. Journey With New Video ‘Snakebite’

Lateb - Snakebite Video

Lateb is back with his new video for “Snakebite.”

Peruvian American rapper/songwriter Lateb (Heddshotts) takes everyone on a A.I. journey of pain with new video “Snakebite.” Director Rose Glen ran hundreds of simulations to edit and piece together an emotional storyline of a toxic relationship. Produced by Jon Glass, the music is playful, sorrowful and bassy.

“It was written as a flip to a close personal friend’s relationship who couldn’t give up a toxic relationship no matter how hurt they were. When I wrote the song I put myself in their shoes and wrote it as if I was them. It’s supposed to be heart wrenching, self loathing, and somewhat different thematically from what I am known to rap and sing about.” says Lateb.

Yoel Molina Law

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