Mantronix Releases ‘Money Talks’ video Feat. Bruse Wane

Mantronix feat Bruse Wane - Money Talks Video

Mantronix and Bruse Wane team up for “Money Talks” video.

After a chance or maybe faithful meeting in Holland at a music festival before (the pandemic), Kurtis Mantronix and Bruse Wane discovered they were on the same wavelength. Thank god for us the legendary music producer slash Hip-Hop pioneer, and Bruse Wane stayed in contact.

Kurtis Mantronik was planning a return to his first love Hip-Hop music, and after hearing some of Bruse Wane’s music he decided Hip Hop’s caped crusader was the perfect emcee to embark on this mission with. Fast forward three years or so later the two masters of their crafts did unite musically, and have brought forth their first musical offering with the track “Money Talks.”

On “Money Talk” it’s clear to see “Kurtis Mantronik” the leader and founder of the iconic Hip-Hop group Mantronix (Often referred to as “The King Of The Beats”) is just as lethal with the beats as ever. Not one to play back seat to any musical production Bruse Wane has laid down some strong, clear and powerful melodic lyrics to accompany the composition. Check out the dope A.I driven video to this undeniable banger below: Hopefully this will not be the last collaboration we hear from these two.

Yoel Molina Law

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