M Doc Diego & Noam Chopski Drop Visuals for ‘Free Game 2’

M Doc Diego & Noam Chopski feat.Barbaric - Free Game 2 Video

The fusion of international talent often results in groundbreaking collaborations. Rochester, New York emcee M Doc Diego and Netherlands producer Noam Chopski have recently unveiled the official video for their track “Free Game 2,” a standout piece from their latest project, “Live From The Netharealms.” This visually captivating release, shot by Cartel Films (Diego Dollaz), features Grenade Rap Records’ very own Barbaric, Street Da Villan, and cuts by GNyce.

The music video for “Free Game 2” is a cinematic masterpiece that complements the track’s powerful energy. Cartel Films skillfully captures the essence of the collaboration, providing viewers with a visual journey into the Netharealms. The vibrant scenes and impeccable editing align seamlessly with the intense beats and sharp lyricism, creating an immersive experience that demands attention.

“Free Game 2” not only showcases the lyrical prowess of M Doc Diego and the production finesse of Noam Chopski but also highlights the global nature of contemporary hip-hop. The cross-continental collaboration between a Rochester emcee and a Netherlands producer brings together diverse influences, resulting in a unique sonic landscape that transcends geographical boundaries.

The inclusion of Barbaric, a prominent artist from Grenade Rap Records, adds an extra layer of intensity to the track. His distinct style and formidable presence contribute to the overall richness of “Free Game 2.” As a labelmate, Barbaric’s collaboration with M Doc Diego and Noam Chopski underscores the importance of collective creativity in pushing the boundaries of hip-hop.

“Live From The Netharealms” is now available on Bandcamp and all major streaming platforms. The project offers a comprehensive showcase of M Doc Diego and Noam Chopski’s artistic chemistry, featuring a diverse range of tracks that explore various themes and musical styles. Fans of authentic hip-hop are encouraged to support the artists by exploring the project through the provided links.

“Free Game 2” stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in hip-hop, bringing together talents from different corners of the world to create a memorable musical and visual experience. M Doc Diego, Noam Chopski, Barbaric, and the entire team involved in this project have successfully crafted a piece that deserves recognition. As it continues to make waves on streaming platforms, “Live From The Netharealms” solidifies its place as a must-listen project for hip-hop enthusiasts worldwide.

Yoel Molina Law

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