Mantronix Hits Hard With ‘Money Talks’, Prepares To Conquer With Era Of The A.I

Mantronix Hits Hard With Money Talks, Prepares To Conquer With Era Of The A.I

Written by UnspokenTruth

We are in December and the music industry on a whole has pretty much grinded to a halt as the holidays are upon us. However as the saying goes there is “no rest for the weary” and Kurtis Mantronik is following that Mantra. 2023 will fondly be remembered for Hip-Hop’s 50th year anniversary. The concerts, the awards, the hoopla and many historic parties in the genre of Hip-Hop getting their well deserved flowers. But what do you do when you helped shape and mold the sound of this modern day cash cow monster, known as Hip-Hop. What do you do a when your not acknowledged by the gate keepers and people who arrogantly and self righteously wield the narrative of Hip-Hop’s story; for their benefit. The ones that pick and chose who should be held up in high praise and regard; not because of a person’s accomplishments, but based on personal relationships, favors and politics.

Do you simply sit back and watch yourself be slighted and erased from Hip-Hop history as though you never existed, not even as a footnote.` We get it Hip-Hop has so many heroes and heroines in the genre that it’s easy to be overlooked, but that’s only if you allow it. In 2023 one of Hip Hop’s early pioneers decided that this would not be his fate. Kurtis Mantronix was known for his ground breaking production technics in early Hip-Hop. He also achieved a pile of hits, not only Hip Hop but in multiple genres. Mantronix has always stood heads and shoulders above the rest. From his prominent career at the legendary sleeping bag records, to his historic signing and stint at Capitol records.

Reenergized and ready to shed light back on his historic legacy he has come back with new music. He has also officially reformed the group Mantronix which now consist of Kurtis Mantronix, and Legendary New York emcee Bruse Wane. Bruse Wane has worked with Papoose, Dj Kay Slay, Sean Price, Keith Murray and Big Pun’s son Chris Rivers just to name a few. Mantronix’s Hip Hop return has come in the form of the single “Money Talks” featuring Bruse Wane. The song hits with biblical force as if willed into existence by the God himself. In its short time the official video to “Money Talks” now bolsters over 300,000 views and growing on YouTube. Based on fan reactions to song and music video, the masses are in unanimously agreement the song is a hit. Mantronix’s is ready to release their follow up single “Era Of The AI”. A brief snippets of the song and video can be found on Mantronix’s official instagram page. The count down is on, as Mantronix’s Era of the A.I single and official video debuts on December 12th 2023.

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