Saigon & Fredro Release New Video ‘Lyrical Genius’ Feat. Grandmaster Caz & Announce New Album ‘The Jordan Era’

Saigon & Fredro Release New Video "Lyrical Genius" Ft Grandmaster Caz & Announce New Album 'The Jordan Era'

In conjunction with the celebration of Hip-Hop’s landmark 50th anniversary, legendary rapper Saigon & and Swedish multi-platinum producer Fredro have joined forces to create a love letter to Hip-Hop.  Specifically, 1986-1996, a/k/a The Jordan Era.  They have also tapped many other legendary voices to help join their celebration. 

In addition to announcing the new album, Saigon and Fredro have released the project’s first single and video, “Lyrical Genius,” which features one of Hip-Hop’s “holy trinity of emcees” in Grandmaster Caz (co-author of “Rappers Delight” and the emcee with the longest running tenure atop the billboard Hot 100 Charts).  “Lyrical Genius” is now available, and you can watch the video below.  The Jordan Era album will be released by the iconic Payday Records label. 

“I made The Jordan Era to celebrate the reason I am the man I am today.  I remember my mother listening to the Cold Crush Brothers, whose main lyricist was a guy named Grandmaster Caz” Saigon explains.  “Growing up, I idolized Big Daddy Kane.  When I got a chance to meet him, he told me he idolized Grandmaster Caz.  My generation, we are the grand-babies of Caz; so making this record and video is an ode to the amazing culture of Hip-Hop that I am so proud to be a part of.”

“We named the song “Lyrical Genius,” because Caz was the first emcee to emphasize the importance of being LYRICAL” Saigon continues.  “With the 50th Anniversary celebration coming to a close, I wanted to ensure I did my part to recognize Grandmaster Caz and thank him for paving the way.  As he says on the single “I’m the reason you spit/ the reason you lit/ the reason why you get all the love and sh*t/ I wrote blueprints for your convenience/ f*ck brag how bout a bag for the Lyrical Genius.”  

“Growing up in Sweden, a country that at that point leaned heavily towards rock, heavy metal and new wave, hearing Hip-Hop for the first time, getting introduced to the “4 Elements,” and watching Wild Style was a game changer.  It changed the direction of my life and I became completely immersed in the culture” Fredro recalls.  “Hip-hop also gave me my career, so this album is not only a celebration of the 50th Anniversary, but also a thank you to the genre, the culture, and all of these legends.  Hearing these trailblazers rapping over my production is mind-blowing.  “Lyrical Genius” sets the album up perfectly, taking it back to the beginning and paying homage to one of its founders with Grandmaster Caz.”

“Lyrical Genius” sets the tone for Saigon and Fredro’s forthcoming album, The Jordan Era, which is produced in its entirety by Fredro, and features guest appearances from Grandmaster Caz, Pete Rock, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Grand Puba, Sadat X, Rockness Monsta, Craig G, Ill Skratch—with more features to be unveiled. 

Saigon and Fredro’s The Jordan Era album will be released in early 2024 via Payday Records

Yoel Molina Law

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