Timbo King & Ras Ceylon & Dawit Justice Release ‘It’s On In’ Visual

The origins of music can be traced to the origin of language, leaving many to argue which came first.  What cannot be disputed is that music arose to fulfill essential needs, one being to enhance communications with the divine by celebrating life’s blessings through organized sound. Ever since years have been recorded, the end of each year serves as a notable time to commemorate another chapter concluded, reflect on your year’s accomplishments, and declare new resolutions that will aid in reaching even higher peaks. 

With this in mind, Brooklyn‘s world-renowned Wu-Tang Killa Bee, Timbo King (Royal Fam/Black Market Militia) connects with California‘s Ras Ceylon and Dawit Justice for their newest collaborative single and music video, “It’s On In” to cut loose, celebrate a new year, and embrace new beginnings. The high energy-uptempo Medal Gear-produced soundscape is so ‘West Coast’in’, that the trio felt it was essential to film the music video in Oakland, California.  Shot by DJ Just Jay, the visual’s cinematic brilliance captures the true essence of “It’s On In” from the recording studio to the tail-shaking nightclub where Timbo King and Ras Ceylon take turns lifting spirits through precisely executed bars of rejoice.  Ras Ceylon spoke about “It’s On In” declaring, “This one is a celebration for all. Sometimes you gotta remember why we do this. This is pure enjoyment. We are three Hip-Hop heads who had hella fun creating this song & celebrating our blessings through music.” Timbo King added, “Let’s have It’s On In be a New Year’s party anthem!”

“It’s On In” is out now and is the 3rd single/music video from the upcoming Timbo King, Ras Ceylon, and Dawit Justice collaborative album titled “Jacket Fulla Medalz” due out in early 2024 featuring guest appearances from BuckshotLa The DarkmanProdigal Sunn (Sunz Of Man), and Tragedy Khadafi.

Yoel Molina Law

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