Reel Wolf Releases ‘Sun Goez Down’ Video Feat. Royal Flush, Eloheem Team & Wes Nihil

Many can probably relate to the unwritten rule of when to return home after hanging with your friends as a youth. For most, when the street lights came on, it was time to head home. Why? The simple answer is because, since the beginning of time, everything outside becomes a bit more dangerous when the “Sun Goez Down”. Laws, rules, and etiquette all seem to disappear when the streets are covered by the shadow of darkness.

Canada‘s Reel Wolf, globally known for his dark-cinematic visuals, recruits Queens icon Royal FlushEloheem Team (William Cooper & Stoneface), and Wes Nihil for his new single and music video “Sun Goez Down”, a vivid glimpse into what happens when nocturnal apex predators come out to play. The mesmerizing Sentury Status-produced soundscape masterfully sets the table for these four infamous rap goons to eat. Flush, Cooper, Stoneface, and Wes Nihil all take turns aggressively chewing up the track until there is nothing left to be eaten while Reel Wolf artfully captures this late-night feast.  When speaking to Reel Wolf about “Sun Goez Down”, he explained, “Royal Flush recorded his verse while on tour in Canada, and unknowingly to everyone at the time, he was battling cancer. This truly proves how hip-hop he really is. As much as I want everyone to bump this track, it’s more important that people donate to his GoFundMe. Emcees like him are what keep the culture alive. Fuck Cancer.”

“Sun Goez Down” is featured on Reel Wolf’s new full-length album “The Witching Hour” which is out now on all platforms via Reel Wolf Records and boasts notable guest appearances including Bizarre (D12)RittzRuste JuxxDanny Diablo, and King Gordy.


Yoel Molina Law

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