Artimes Prime Releases New ‘Justice League’ Video

While the DCEU hasn’t fared too well in Hollywood, there were still a select few luminaries among the film franchise. Philly’s own Artimes Prime highlights the valuable lessons found in the story arcs of the characters in Zack Snyder’sJustice League (arguably one of the franchise’s few bright spots), and what they might say about human nature, on his aptly titled song “Justice League.” With a slowed and pitched sample of Outkast‘s ATLiens classic “ET” over hard drums laid by producer Digital Crates, the emcee speaks to the universal themes of both dark and light present within ourselves and the world around us. Today (3/22/2024), Prime shares the song’s official music video. 

I wrote this song after watching the extended version of the ‘Justice League’ movie. The song is about how the movie’s plot line and backstory parallel our modern society. The big theme of the song is dark and light, which is why both of those words are prevalent in the song. That’s also why the video starts out dark, and ends with the sunrise. It’s a representation of times being dark now, but it’s always darkest before dawn. It’s not always clear what the difference between good and evil is. The villain Steppenwolf is relatable to a lot of people. You can easily find yourself on the side of evil, based on circumstances. I spoke on the ‘wolf’ and ‘alien’, which explains how Susperman isn’t that different. The overall idea is if we as a people embrace the ideas of what the Justice League stands for, we will be able to have a better tomorrow.” – Artimes Prime  

“Justice League” is from Artimes Prime’s latest album Beer & Cookies. Produced entirely by Digital Crates, the album fuses Pop and classic, Boom-Bap Hip-Hop to perfection, while showcasing Prime’s knack for songwriting, with the use of melodies, social/political commentary, and carefree, celebratory raps.  

Yoel Molina Law

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