Wes Nihil Goes To Cali For “I Know You Know” Visual

Wes Nihil - I Know You Know Video

Knowing does not make an individual wise. Although knowing is a close relative to knowledge, wisdom is its correct use, which will lead to enlightenment when you truly know thyself. With that said, New Jersey’s Wes Nihil has been around the block enough times to know nothing is promised. In fact, Wes explained, “The more you know, the more you realize you know nothing. But what I do know is how to rise above hate. I know that you know that I know the jealous will always envy. And I know real family and real love is all that matters.”

While on tour in California, Wes felt compelled to bring the cameras out and capture some epic visuals for his newest offering “I Know You Know,” an ode to staying true to yourself and your loved ones. The spellbinding backdrop is a collaborative whirlwind created by Wes Nihil and Grammy Award-winning producer Don Cheegro, which perfectly collides with Wes’s in-your-face lyrical slaughter and addictive chorus that will remain trapped in listeners’ heads for days. The anthem’s visuals, shot guerilla-style in Los Angeles, offer a glimpse into what life is like on tour, the importance of honoring family and the value of loyalty.

When speaking of “I Know You Know”, Wes reiterated, “If I know anything at all. I know tomorrow is never promised. I know it is time to stop overthinking. It is time for action.” Wes Nihil’s “I Know You Know” music video is OUT NOW and is dedicated to fallen family Big Rich and OG Tank.

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