Da Beatminerz, De La Soul & Pharoahe Monch feat. Rasheed Chappell & Corey Glover – “My Year” Animated Visual

Da Beatminerz, De La Soul & Pharoahe Monch feat. Rasheed Chappell & Corey Glover - My Year Animated Visual

While Da Beatminerz have come to define a very specific sound in Hip-Hop over the course of their illustrious career spanning more than three decades, the bulk of their production work is credited on albums by other artists. Their recent output, however, has been focused on their own proper full-length album, Stifled Creativity. On Friday (5/10/2024), the seminal Hip-Hop production duo, also known as the “Boom Bap Ambassadors,” shared the album’s second single “My Year“, with verses from De La SoulPharoahe MonchRasheed Chappell, and Corey Glover (of Living Colour). Today (5/14/2024), the song’s vibrant Anthony Edwards – animated music video debuted.  

I’m inspired by the music. Lyrics can help prompt some great results as well as help with breaking the scenes apart based on the rapper’s cadence and patterns.  – Anthony Edwards

Been friends with De La since 88 and Monch since 87 so the relationship  was already there. I met them all at the record store I worked at (Music Factory in Jamaica, Queens) and this is the second song I did with both (De La “The Hustle” & Monch “Tight [REMIX]”). “My Year” was one of the first songs we worked on when we started the album and the order you hear them in is the order we made. It took a minute to get Dave’s vocals because of his health. When we got them, We were so grateful and  appreciative. He didn’t have to do the song but he came through & that the world to me.I met Rasheed through Kenny Dope. When I heard him, I automatically wanted to work with him, so when we put the blueprint together for the song, I knew he would fit perfectly. The icing on the cake was Corey Glover (Thanks to Guy Routte). Everything came together just how we wanted.” – Mr. Walt of Da Beatminerz

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