Kosha Dillz Releases “Time For A Conversation” (Response To Macklemore’s “Hinds Hall”)

Kosha Dillz - Time For A Conversation (Response To Macklemore's “Hinds Hall”) Video

Kosha Dillz is no stranger to controversy, but what is controversial when he is sticking up for his people in the age of normalizing anti-Semitism.  Last year he did it with Kanye West, this year it’s Macklemore.   

Time For A Conversation” is a response to Macklemore in the exact form of his song “Hinds Hall,” with an opposing view, but proposing the obvious thing that isn’t happening.  “Time For A Conversation” displays Macklemore super-imposed into a face of Abby Martin getting debated on Piers Morgan by former Hamas member Mosab Hassan Yusef who strongly states “This parrot just repeats Hamas propaganda,” while he goes on for 2-minutes refuting the obvious, and un-obvious claims.  Anti-Semitism, Jew face, genocide, Bibi protests, Ethiopian hostages, Toomaj Salehi (the Iranian Rapper on death row), and most notably, Hersh Goldberg Polen, the Chicagoan-Israeli hostage whose arm was blown off and used in a Hamas Propaganda video are all topics in what Kosha calls a “response record” vs. a “diss record.” 

The rebuttal approach is far from Macklemore’s reach, but he has hit 400K+ views across social media in three days with support from Matisayhu, Selma Blair, and Scooter Braun.  Dillz acknowledges the Nakba and Free Palestine, but also raps how it is impossible to do so with the current state of affairs.  “Free Palestine, but you gon’ free the hostages first.” 

The goal is to have a conversation.  Is it possible?  Can two things be true at the same time?

Kosha Dillz closes “Time For A Conversation” with the lines that are the strongest call to action one can have. “If you still don’t believe us, visit Nova Exhibition, it’s on Wall Street, please call me we can have a discussion.  I’ll buy us two cups of coffee, seven months in I think we all losing our patience, leave the echo chamber, it’s time for a conversation.” 

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