The Hip Hop Publicist – Why Bloggers May Not Be Responding To Your Emails

The Hip Hop Publicist - Why Bloggers May Not Be Responding To Your Emails

Why Bloggers May Not Be Responding To Your Emails…

At some point in your career as an Independent artist you have attempted to get your music to every music blog you can find. Only to find out that most of your efforts were done in vain. They are never opened or taken seriously enough to be considered for posting. You are not getting the results you want!

Here are a few tips that can help you reach your goals without spending any money.

Get to know them. Becoming familiar with the blogger and personalizing the relationships are essential. Artist who “go the extra mile” to develop a personal relationship stand out and are better remembered.

Find blogger’s preferred contact method. Over half the bloggers prefer email communications, with Twitter direct messages a distant second. Unlike journalists, most bloggers do not publish a phone contact.

Be relevant. Irrelevant music pitches, old releases and a lack of understanding of a blogger’s core audience are common annoyances to bloggers.

Be clear upfront. Bloggers appreciate knowing what artists expect from them upfront. They like to learn in your initial outreach exactly what type of placement you expect and what the blog will receive in return.

Include Specific Details: I don’t know how many emails I receive with just a music link. I’m left wondering who is this person, where are they from, what do they look like, etc. When you send an email to bloggers include your name, social media handles, short bio, photos, music links, and artwork. Give them something to work with. The more information you include the better shot you have of getting posted.

Yoel Molina Law

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