Certain.Ones – Iron Sharpens Iron

Certain.Ones drop this new EP of biblical proportion with ‘Iron Sharpens Iron’.

Certain.Ones shares the new EP with SpitFireHipHop. We have featured Certain.Ones as we believe as a collective is a Hip-Hop jewel that works out to keep their wordplay strong.

What does it mean when one says ‘Iron Sharpens Iron‘? Some take it literally where one piece of iron sharpen another. Others say that it means that one person will sharpen another with the skills that each possesses.

This EP for me sounds a lot like Kool Keith, which is a compliment. It is a sound that makes you stop in your tracks when you hear it. There are not many that have this unique sound, Certain.Ones seem to capture that with this EP.

Yoel Molina Law

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