Jus Daze Is Styling On New “Runtz & Rants” EP

Jus Daze - Runtz & Rants

Jus Daze returns with his new “Runtz & Rants” EP.

The Bowlegged “King of Queens,” Jus Daze is preparing to drop his sequel to April’s RAPS & RANTS. His latest pack of Supersonic smoke titled “Runtz & Rants” is stuffed with the Highest Grade Audio Exotics, and trust us, you want all this smoke.  

The album opener WokeVID22 hits you with that stench that automatically makes you screw your face and start thinking on another level. Full of the type of gems you can find DAZE dropping daily on his IG page. WokeVID22  is conveniently followed by No Sleep ft. James Jay Eazy, who is also behind the boards, making  Runtz & Rants sound as LOUD as it does. (He teased us with the video a week prior to the album release.) Both spitters claim to show no emotion on the hook, but Jimmy Jay slides all over the 1st verse with enough passion to lead an army into battle and JD closes No Sleep with a verse hard enough to wake those snoozing on him the fuck up. Now that you’re fully awake, ride around with Daze on Breaking Bud, a chopped and screwed bop you can drive around town bumping LOUD, you just gotta keep it on repeat cuz it’s as short as it is addictive.

Jus Daze Shows No Emotions On “No Sleep” feat. James Jay Eazy

Daze keeps that same energy on Purp Smoke, a fully packed Raw Cone produced by Bulgarian producer Young Borski, that is just sitting on the ashtray waiting to be lit. This shit will get the mood right in any setting, lacing excellently penned bars with a layed back drill vibe that can get any party bouncing. The party vibe continues on the club friendly YDGAF IDGAF, produced UK’s own 6th Floor which also features “Drill N B” artist Trev Mulah on the hook. This joint is a straight 2 minutes of ratchet ignorance! Or is it? Don’t be turned off by the “trappy beat,” Daze always finds a way of taking the subject matter deeper than most, no matter the style.    

The EP closes with Jus pulling up in front of the neighborhood bodega, kicking a classic NY freestyle-type verse over PositivelyDGAF. He spits “Crazy, people think being positive is obnoxiousness/ But I’m not bothered by being the talk of topics/ that’s being spoke by other people who lack in confidence/ I don’t acknowledge it/ but low key they could swallow it/ they remind me of emojis that look like a pile of shit/“. Another joint I recommend you leave on repeat since it is just toooo good to only be 1:09 min long.   

 The  Runtz & Rants pack is potent enough to lay you out and get you activated all in the same blunt. Daze admits that he wanted to record an ep that heads could just chill, vibe, and puff some good chronic to. He definitely delivers that in air tight  Supersonicstamped packaging for your enjoyment.  Jus smoke responsibly. 

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