Wordsmith Releases New Single “Bitter” & Announces New Album ‘Bittersweet’

Releases New Single “Bitter” & Announces New Album 'Bittersweet'

Wordsmith makes announcement of new “Bittersweet” album and release “Bitter” single.

Prior and during this pandemic, Baltimore’s multi-hyphenate Wordsmith created Bittersweet, his forthcoming album that mimics the never-ending tug of war of life.  The listener is fed a bitter dose of life followed by a sweet rebuttal on the proceeding song; sound familiar? A consistent array of melodies, intellectual content, hard-hitting production, storytelling and a current understanding of today’s issues consume Bittersweet

Life can be so “Bitter” at times that anger eventually erodes into resentment.  “Bitter” is Wordsmith’s truth serum of sorts, communicated in bars for those who have tested his kindness over the years.  Trying to keep your circle small and only giving access to those with your best interests at heart becomes a daunting task when the devil wears no mask. 

An artistic partner and creator for the BSO (Baltimore Symphony Orchestra), Wordsmith has released six albums, is a verified Grammy voting member, and has cultivated relationships with major corporations such as Netflix, ESPN, NFL and the WWE to name a few. Over the past year and change, you’ve heard Wordsmith’s music in Russian Doll (Netflix), The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix), Preacher (AMC), and recently had two songs featured on NBA 2K21 Next Gen

A proud resident of Baltimore, MD, Wordsmith is a true philanthropist in his community.  He opened up his non-profit, Rise With A Purpose, Inc (in ?), and just this year delivered his first TED Talk at Johns Hopkins University.  He is also partnering with the US Department of State to fund performances and workshops in countries across the world to strengthen multi-cultural ties, including: Haiti, Belarus, Lithuania, Panama, and Angola among others. 

Wordsmith has previously collaborated with esteemed artists such as Skyzoo, Camp Lo, Sadat X, Chubb Rock and his cousin Roc Marciano; to name a few. 

Still, the bigger triumph on Bittersweet is how Wordsmith pulled together sixteen MC’s from seven different countries to create a song called “World Wreckoning”. All of the artists on the record are emcees Wordsmith has met during his outreach tours, so it’s very unique to have seven different languages come together to rap about the cultural and societal issues we face in our respective countries. Wordsmith is using his platform to expose Defty (Cote D’ Ivoire), Fire 16 (Namibia), Dee the Conscious One (Ukraine), LS Baw (Haiti), King John the Lyricist (Haiti), Balta-P (Angola), Brivrunuprojekts (Latvia), Umar (Azerbaijan) to American Hip Hop Culture. 

Opening the album with the songs “Bitter” and “Sweet” Wordsmith sets the tone for the never-ending tug of war the listener will endure throughout Bittersweet. Each preceding song builds off a bitter part of life, while drastically changing to a sweet rebuttal. 

Wordsmith’s Bittersweet will be released on 9-17-21.  You can now purchase, stream and download “Bitter.” 

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