Silence Da 5th Ft. Haas G (The UMC’s) “Vintage Brew”

Lyrical vet Silence Da 5th releases his new single “Vintage Brew” through Fanto Music and Who?Mag Distribution. The track features Haas G (The UMC’s) with production by Xcel.

Why tamper and taint with vintage ways of life? Silence Da 5th hits hard with punchline after punchline about the food industry, drugs, Teflon wars, and more. His dramatic flow is intensified by an arrangement of potent basslines and signature NYC melodies with a dose of innovation. After pressing play ask yourself, what’s my vintage brew? Why fix what’s not broken? The same can be said about vetted, adult Hip Hop artists and what they bring to music, the culture, and communities. Stream “Vintage Brew” and connect with Silence Da 5th below.


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