Marv Won Releases ‘Roc Nation Brunch’ Feat. Freeway & New LP Announcement ‘I’m Fine, Thanks For Asking’

Marv Won is a Detroit musical alchemist – a street poet laureate entrenched in the battle rap scene, as well as a cinematic world-class producer as capable of channeling Dr. Dre as Donald Goines. Marv breaks new ground with his first Mello Music Group album, I’m Fine Thanks For Asking, – a soul-baring endeavor, that weaves tales of struggle and triumph, drawing inspiration from his storied life in the Motor City.

As one of the most esteemed battle rappers, Marv Won brings a lyrical ferocity to his unapologetically raw and heartfelt rhymes. This album collaboration with Mello Music Group marks a pivotal moment in his career, showcasing a seamless fusion of his wordplay and production. The album, featuring collaborations with Quelle Chris, Elzhi, Freeway, Rapper Big Pooh of Little Brother, and more, cements Marv Won’s status in the rap game. Marv Won’s storytelling transcends mere verses, painting vivid portraits of life in the D. Over ten self-produced tracks Marv showcases his ability behind the boards with tracks that blend epic orchestration and Joe Louis drums that hit like Tommy Hearns.

In the rhythms of a dream, Marv Won’s lyrics aspire to a place at the Roc Nation Brunch, a gathering of giants like Jay-Z and Beyoncé. It’s a tableau of Black excellence, where achievements shine like morning light on luxury yachts. Marv Won, in Black-owned fashion, symbolizes resilience and pride, narrating a journey from street struggles to celebrity zenith. This dream, rich in community and solidarity, echoes with ancestral voices, urging progress. In this vision, Freeway reflects on his State Property peers and their journey, a testament to a people’s enduring spirit rising towards their fullest potential.

Marv Won’s, I’m Fine, Thanks For Asking, will be released on April 5, 2024, via Mello Music Group.

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