Daz Dillinger – Tupac & The Outlaws Beat Up Sam Sneed

Daz Dillinger provides a first hand account of the Tupac and The Outlaws beating up Sam Sneed.

Daz Dillinger provides details about the song Sam Sneed produced on “Tha Doggfather” album. Daz says that everyone in the camp was doing things on each others projects and did not get paid. However, Sam Sneed wanted to be paid the for the track he produced on Snoops album.

Tupac was in the studio at the time and didn’t like what Sam Sneed was saying. What ensued next was Sam Sneed being beaten up for having Brooklyn rappers in the studio and making comments about getting paid for his work. Daz said he and Nate Dogg kept their guns on them, “I had my .380.”

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