Paul Rodriguez Insults #MeToo, Black People, Obama, Lopez, & Cosby

Paul Rodriguez Insults #MeToo, Black People, Obama, Lopez, & Cosby

Paul Rodriguez was on the The Domenick Nati Show yesterday. The interview as you will see is most likely different than you will expect.

Paul Rodriguez joined The Domenick Nati Show and shared his true feelings. He was asked about George Lopez and he had this to say, “I started George Lopez.” He told Eva Longoria after she divorced Tony Parker and voted for Obama that “if you want another Black man to disappoint you, that’s your job.”

Rodriguez went on to say, “George Lopez’s anti-Trump jokes aren’t funny and he does it to be popular. He said ‘Fuck Trump’ 43 times. I got it.” Celebrities lack education and Schwarzenegger was not a good Governor either.

Rodriguez even insulted Lopez’s brain power with this statement, “Look at my SAT scores. I’ll take on George Lopez any way he wants. His politics are for shit and he’s not a well-educated guy.” Whatever these Latino comics are doing “I did it first.”

Rodriguez even said that every African-American should go to Africa to see how good they have it here. All the White’s who would have helped to create jobs have left. South Africa is a corrupt awful place, ask Oprah. African Americans think they’re the only ones who have suffered. “I don’t care what color you are, if you have 8 children, should my taxes pay for that.”

There will be some who don’t respond positively to his comments during this interview. This statement may have some steaming, “Unfortunately there’s so much White guilt from the past – Obama wasn’t good to African Americans and Latino’s at all.”

Domenick asked Paul Rodriguez as about the #MeToo movement and what he said might surprise you. “Worse than being sexually harassed is wearing a mini skirt and cleavage and not being sexually harassed.”
Rodriguez followed up with “I get laid just fine. I take the old fashioned way, I buy it… women have to take responsibility. If I invite you to my room at 3 or 4 in the morning I expect to get some pussy.”

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