Unveiling The Masterpiece: Apollo Brown & Philmore Greene’s ‘Cost of Living’ Mini Doc

Apollo Brown & Philmore Greene Cost Of Living Mini Doc

In November 2022, the world of Hip-Hop was graced with a remarkable musical journey, brought to life by the dynamic duo of Apollo Brown and Philmore Greene. The collaborative album, “Cost of Living,” emerged as a masterpiece that beautifully encapsulates life on the Westside of Chicago. Comprising 15 tracks, each is a testament to the artists’ exceptional skills – Apollo Brown as the masterful producer of the entire album and Philmore Greene as the brilliant lyricist behind every song. To provide a deeper understanding of the creative process, Apollo Brown and Philmore Greene released a mini documentary that chronicles the making of this extraordinary album.

Before we explore the mini doc, let’s take a moment to appreciate the artistic prowess of Apollo Brown and Philmore Greene in their respective roles. Apollo Brown, hailing from Detroit, is renowned for his soulful and jazzy beats, which form the perfect backdrop for the heartfelt narratives woven into the “Cost of Living” album. On the other hand, Philmore Greene’s lyricism is deeply rooted in his experiences, bringing the gritty reality of the Westside of Chicago to life through his words.

The “Cost of Living” Mini Documentary

The mini doc provides an intimate look into the artistic process behind the creation of “Cost of Living.” Apollo Brown and Philmore Greene share their thoughts, inspirations, and experiences during the making of the album. It’s a rare opportunity to witness the synergy between the producer and the lyricist as they articulate the fusion of music and storytelling.

In the mini documentary, Apollo Brown discusses his creative approach as the producer, emphasizing the importance of crafting beats that resonate with the narrative. He meticulously describes how he drew inspiration and ultimately creating a sonic tapestry that mirrors the city’s vibrant yet challenging existence.

Philmore Greene, in turn, offers a personal insight into his lyrical contributions to the album. He recounts his own experiences and the stories of those around him, shedding light on the realities of life in the Westside. The raw, unfiltered emotions he pours into his lyrics are a testament to the authenticity of “Cost of Living.”

The mini doc not only reveals the technical aspects of the album’s creation but also highlights the emotional journey undertaken by both artists in their respective roles. It’s a testament to the dedication and passion they poured into this project, a reflection of the stark realities and aspirations of the Chicago streets.


“Cost of Living” by Apollo Brown and Philmore Greene is a profound musical odyssey that offers a glimpse into the heart and soul of the Westside of Chicago. The mini documentary serves as a valuable companion piece, allowing fans to connect with the artists on a personal level and gain deeper insights into the album’s creation.

The collaboration between Apollo Brown as the producer and Philmore Greene as the lyricist has birthed an artistic gem that will undoubtedly stand the test of time. Their willingness to share their creative journey through the mini doc adds a layer of authenticity that makes “Cost of Living” not just an album, but a testament to the power of music and storytelling.

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