TGIFLY Talks New Single ‘Broken Brake Lights’ His Life Motto & Life in Queens

TGIFLY Talks New Single 'Broken Brake Lights' His Life Motto & Life in Queens

Queens, New York, rapper Rashad “TGIFLY” (Thank God I’m Fly) Campbell presents the Dafix Studios-directed music video for “Broken Brake Lights,” the new single produced by Mad Biscuit. Fly’s 2022 album Politics As Usual (listen to the album) came on the heels of his 2021 single “Good Company” featuring fellow Queens rapper Mike Classic (watch the video).

Fly’s accomplishments include most notably, winner of Craft Syndicate’s show curated by Dutch Masters and his performance at The Opera in Atlanta, Georgia which landed him on stage with Rick Ross, Nipsey Hussle, Zaytoven, Big Boi, T.I, Ray Murray and other Hip Hop legends. Fly also performed several times at the legendary SOB’s in NYC and was invited to J. Coles All-Star Dreamville Rap Camp to collaborate on “Revenge Of The Dreamers 3”.

TGIFLY Talks New Single 'Broken Brake Lights' His Life Motto & Life in Queens

Fly calls his new single “an ode to a life I once lived. A Culmination of stories surrounding the trap that involved credit card scams, wrong decisions and careless actions. I know people who lost it all over Broken Brake Lights. I lost a lot by simply forgetting to signal while changing lanes.”

What can you tell us about coming up in Queens, NY? 

Growing up in Queens was fun. There’s always different crews that have their moment of fame. Queens is very segregated, a lot of people rock with who they rock with and that’s from young. Kind of the reason why it’s hard to get everyone from the borough on one accord in regards to supporting talent. Everyone feels like they’re “Him” / “Her” .. Rightfully so but it’s very counter productive… I love queens tho .. QUEENS FOREVER !

“Broken Brake Lights” is a very personal song. What inspired you to write it and what was that process like? 

The process was simple. I heard the beat, I heard the melody in my head. Want’s i put words to the melody the rest was just making words rhyme while telling my story. The song is inspired by past mistakes. Small mistakes that resulted in big consequences.

What’s a life motto you try to live by? 

LIFE GOES ON ! no matter how good, or how bad things seem you gotta keep living life. I try to stay even keel with things, being a pessimist all my life I try seeing the glass half full lol.

TGIFLY Talks New Single 'Broken Brake Lights' His Life Motto & Life in Queens

What’s the biggest lesson you can share for other indie artists trying to make it? 

Don’t take anything personal. There’s gonna be things that happen and things that people do that you don’t like or agree with. Don’t let that get in the way of opportunities. A lot of people are so desperate to make it out of their situations that they do other people dirty, but that’s more of a them issue. Can’t take that personal. 

What’s your take on the industry today? 

The industry is the industry, I don’t think much has changed. It’s really about finding the right circle to be in. The opportunity to be successful without the machine is more prevalent today though.

Any shoutouts? 

Shout out to anyone that’s supporting the music! Shout out to SpitFireHipHop for the write up, the team, the homies, the producers, so on and so on. It’s all appreciated!

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