BLAX – Be Well

BLAX is back with his new album titled ‘Be Well’.

The phrase “be well” can mean “be healthy,” or “feel good.” Or in the case of BLAX’s new project: “Be Well” is a culturally relevant piece of art that touches upon multiple levels of the human experience. BLAX titled his new project, “Be Well,” to embody this deal in the form of a 15-track album.

“I aimed to create an enjoyable album that touches on an array of topics such as police brutality, racial profiling, well being, good times and the overall black male urban experience. Music today is full of messages that are detrimental to the listeners and the music’s culture. My intention with this project’s listening experience is to create meaningful music with a message that is easily digestible.”  – BLAX

In the months leading to this project’s release, BLAX began spreading his message with singles such as “Nothin,” which quickly infiltrated the digital realm. Recently, BLAX also released a video for this G.R.A.M.Z assisted record which was also premiered on HipHopDX. On songs like “Nothin,” and throughout his new project, BLAX details the life and times of a kid on the streets who then shares a glimpse of his thoughts, as now, a man existing on the brink. You can get the album now on his bandcamp page.BLAX - Be Well Album

BLAX - Be Well

Yoel Molina Law

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