Tribeca-Grand – Sport Of The Gods

Tribeca-Grand - Sport Of The Gods

Tribeca-Grand release their new album ‘Sport Of The Gods’.

Sport Of The Gods‘ boasts a traditional 10-track line-up reminiscent of BDP’s Criminal Minded and Nas’ Illmatic. Listeners will notice that much like the above mentioned classics, this is the artist’s album: few to no features. It’s a lean collection of memorable records; no skits, no filler, but a solid story nonetheless.

There’s the singles “Take A Knee” and “NY-PHI,” the political commentary and hometown anthem respectively. Then, there’s “Caught Up,” the cautionary tale of an Instagram DM gone wrong; “Suicide Rhymer,” the experimental concept record; “Let’s All Get Funky,” the just-for-fun DJ favorite, and “Everyday,” the new single that does exactly what it supposed to do: get you to the album.

“Everyday” is a warm-weather mid-tempo groove, a catchy hook and hood certified lyrics. One program director describes the sound as “feel-good underground.” Listen to ‘Sport Of The Gods‘ below.

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