Alex Ludovico Releases “Cocaine & Therapy” Album

Alex Ludovico - Cocaine & Therapy (LP)

Alex Ludovico returns today with his new “Cocaine & Therapy” album.

During a prolific run throughout 2019, Alex Ludovico released a single song almost every single Monday, dubbed “Medicine Mondays.”

Recently, Zilla Rocca curated some of the best of those songs into a new album “Cocaine & Therapy.” This release also marks the first official partnership between Insubordinate Records and Three Dollar Pistol Music.

A concept album that follows Alex through a specific phase in his life, it begins as the ultimate rapper rapping his ass off for you (“Consort”, “Read the Paper”). Then it delves in his real rockstar lifestyle (“Sick Yo Duck,” “Don’t Wanna Be Alone,” “Up All Night”). It culminates with the inevitable emptiness you discover when all the hookups, late nights, and conquests never actually fix what’s wrong deep inside (“Then You Stopped”, “Therapy Working”). It ends with a trip to therapy and receiving the best blessing of all – focusing your efforts on other people (“Be Kind Rewind”, “Gone Head Girl”).

“Cocaine and Therapy” is the rare completely solo rap album that is engrossing, entertaining, personal, and jam packed with beats you can blast in the whip. It’s a fitting album for an artist that has always been ahead of the curve and has never shied away from telling you the highs and lows of his experiences. If you’ve ever enjoyed cocaine and/or therapy, you’ll absolutely love this album and the breakthroughs Alex Ludovico shares within.

Yoel Molina Law

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