Onyx Releases New Album, “Onyx 4 Life”

Onyx Releases New Album, ‘Onyx 4 Life

Onyx is back with their new album titled “Onyx 4 Life.”

Onyx returns to release their latest powerful, rough, and message-heavy album “Onyx 4 Life.” The thirteen-track LP features atmospheric beats, catchy rhythmic elements, raw instrumentation, and the artists’ grasping flows.

Onyx 4 Life merges nostalgic hip-hop and boom-bap, hardcore rap, and even reggaeton elements seamlessly into one cohesive album. Radiating an uninhibited aura, Onyx‘s creative range of musical talent becomes profoundly expressed and spelled.

Tracklisting & Credits for Onyx’ ‘Onyx 4 Life”’:

1. “The Whole World”
2. “Ahh Yeah” feat. Mad Lion
3. “Ha Ha Ha” feat. Cappadonna
4. “We Take”
5. “South Side” feat Panama PI
6. “Snitches Get Stitches”
7. “We Got Chu” feat. Planet Asia
8. “Hold It Down”
9. “Boom Bash”
10. “Hard Shit” feat. Sickflo & Snak The Ripper
11. “Afficial Nast”
12. “Demon Time” 13. “Coming Outside”

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