D.R.E. Colombian Raw Releases New “Plomo” Album

D.R.E. Colombian Raw - Plomo

D.R.E. Colombian Raw drops off his new album, “Plomo.”

D.R.E. Colombian Raw has been busy over the last year or so. He released four projects in the wat of LPs and EPs since April of 2020. D.R.E. Colombian Raw keeps his content true to Hip-Hop and leaves the gimmicks to other artists. His music is always boom bap and applies pressure with every release.

Plomo” is exactly what you expect from D.R.E. Colombian Raw. On this album he includes a lot of Spanglish which fits well on the production which was provided by ay1, Ace Ha and Jay Fehrman. Features on the album include G Fam Black, Meph Luciano, Ca$ablanca, Paranormal, FatSock Nickels, Fat Pockets, Whata Mess and his sandbox brothers L.R.C. and M.I.L.O.

Yoel Molina Law

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