Jason Griff Releases New “Fireside Chats” Album

Jason Griff - Fireside Chats (LP)

Jason Griff makes his SpitFireHipHop debut with this “Fireside Chats” album.

Insubordinate Records is proud to present Jason Griff‘s first full length compilation album, “Fireside Chats.” The album is a concept project, with all songs built around flipping samples from punk songs and featuring a who’s who of your favorite rappers.

“Flipping soul samples has always been a bit of a cheat code to me,” Griff explains, “so I wanted to try something that has never been done before like flipping punk and hardcore songs. It’s challenging, but it’s also a unique, original idea that’s based in two genres of music that I love the most, punk and hip-hop.”

Griff‘s music and personality has always been shaped by the punk community as he spent the majority of his influential teenage years traveling all over Northern Illinois to attend both indie hip-hop and punk rock shows. The album title is a nod to the legendary Fireside Bowl, a converted bowling alley in Chicago that showcased so many iconic local and touring bands throughout the 90s.

The album, produced entirely by Griff, features a lengthy list of indie rap legends including the late Lorde Jones Scorcese, billy woods, Alex Ludovico, Juganaut, Curly Castro, Premrock, Alaska (of Atoms Fam), Zilla Rocca, Defcee, Skech185 and more.

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