DillanPonders Releases “Because We’re Alive” (DELUXE)

DillanPonders - Because We're Alive (DELUXE) (LP)

DillanPonders drops off the new “Because We’re Alive” (DELUXE) album.

Today, Canadian rapper DillanPonders released BECAUSE WE’RE ALIVE (DELUXE), the much anticipated addition to his 2020 album, BECAUSE WE’RE ALIVE. It features the three new singles “KING OF THE TOWN (REMIX)”, “MOMMA’S STOOP”, and “HERBALIST”, as well as two never before heard songs—“RADIO HEAD” and “BAR SPITTA”.

The new tracks have received strong press support so far. HipHopCanada wrote of the hard-hitting collaboration “KING OF THE TOWN (REMIX)”—“they all came together to puff their chests and flex their skills on this undeniable beat”. Complex said “MOMMA’S STOOP” is an “energetic track that’s dripping in nostalgia” and “combining his [Dillan’s] poetic lyricism with Morris’s smooth vocals makes for a catchy yet insightful listen with rapid-fire bars.”

With its incredibly catchy driving beat, “RADIO HEAD” is the stand out single on BECAUSE WE’RE ALIVE (DELUXE), an example of how Dillan has truly evolved his sound. It’s produced by Losh of the duo Free n Losh (TOBi, The Game, Pretty Lights, Odesza), who also produced Dillan’s hit “JUNGLE”. “BAR SPITTA”, produced by one of Dillan’s longtime collaborators Alex Parham, who also produced the trippy track “PSILOCYBIN” along with Miclain Keith, is a hypnotizing beat with honest lyrics. Both tracks exude confidence and self-awareness. Dillan raps on “RADIO HEAD”—“couldn’t even tell you what the game would be without me, shoulda never doubted me”, and on “BAR SPITTA”—“to climb to the top from the bottom of the mud . . . still got a long way to go but I’m far from the start”.

“This album campaign has been nothing short of life changing for me and the response from fans — old and new — has been nothing like I’ve felt before,” says DillanPonders. “With ‘BECAUSE WE’RE ALIVE’, I tried to push myself into new spheres musically, and I ended up creating dozens of really special records. So with the fans demanding more, it felt natural to create a deluxe version of this album, focusing on new sounds and collaborations that expand my musical universe. From the stacked “KING OF THE TOWN” remix, to the reggae-inspired “HERBALIST”, and the unique production on “RADIO HEAD”, these deluxe records have been a series of experimentation and excitement for me. I want to thank all my collaborators who made it possible for me to dig up new sides of myself, but most of all I want to thank the people listening, you have been incredible and so it only feels right to give you this gift straight from my heart.”

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