DillanPonders Stars In Men Who Take Baths Video Series

DillanPonders Stars In Men Who Take Baths Video Series

DillanPonders was the most recent guest on the “Men Who Take Baths” video series.

DillanPonders joins Nicolle Hodges to launch the “Men Who Take Baths” YouTube channel with the brand’s first video interview — sharing how psychedelics can change lives, the toll of cancel culture, and the legacy he hopes to leave.

Founded in 2017, Men Who Take Baths is redefining the markers of masculinity. For men, women, and non-binary folk, our relationship with masculinity seems to generate an increased feeling of oppression, fear, and inhibition of expression; “the patriarchy,” has failed us. We want all men to play a part in the co-creation of the new masculinity; a version that contributes to the life of equality we desire and deserve, and a definition that includes a variety of voices and identities.

Men Who Take Baths founder Nicolle Hodges is a journalist and author whose first book, Oh, the Places You’ll Go Oh Oh raised over $10,000 in pre-sales. A renowned public speaker, Nicolle is the voice of Sexual Health Week 2021 at colleges across Canada. She is the founder of Girls Who Say Fuck, an incubator for ideas that instigate change, including the wildly popular campaign to rebrand virginity to sexual debut. Recently, Nicolle launched a series of workshops and online gatherings to teach women the basics of BDSM power dynamics. These and other projects, including Men Who Take Baths, fall under the umbrella of Expletive Media — a branding agency co-founded by Nicolle.

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