Grizzy Hendrix & Alistproducer Drop New “Controversy V” Album

Grizzy Hendrix & Alistproducer - Controversy V

Grizzy Hendrix and Alistproducer release “Controversy V” album.

Grizzy Hendrix released ‘Controversy IV’ last year. Hendrix once again gives you something that you can remember. He continues to show that he is unlike most artists in Hip-Hop. He is unafraid to express himself in a manner that many will not because it may cause them miss getting to the bag. We are sure this does not concern Grizzy Hendrix. He covers a number of topics on this album including the pandemic, Black women not being protected, to the Kardashians leeching over Black people. He also talks about being depressed and not getting help. on “Living Legends”

Doing things that are unlike the industry standard, Grizzy can rub to people the wrong the way. His honesty is something that has been lost in out society today, and it nice to witness. On “Controversy V” he gives 20 plus tracks to tickle raw Hip-Hop fancy. There is not anyone that Hendrix will take aim at when it comes to expressing himself. He is in zone and will change.

Today, he releases “Controversy IV” with Alistproducer He continues with pointing out how people are selling their souls for what the industry can offer them. On “Tory & Meg” he covers the gossip that goes on within the social mediasphere. The whole Tory and Meg controversy was insane. Did he shoot her or did he not? Grizzy also talks about King Von and how he met his demise. Grizzy Hendrix definitely stands alone when it comes to expressing himself without any qualms. Press play and prepare yourself to be hear things that you wonder why other artists do not say.

Yoel Molina Law

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