Jae Hu$$le & Dan.Akill Connect For New “Foreign Xchange” Album

Jae Hu$$le & Dan.Akill - Foreign Xchange (LP)

Jae Hu$$le and Dan.Akill release their new collaborative album title “Foreign Xchange.”

Jae Hu$$le and Dan.Akill join forces with this new album called “Foreign Xchange.” Jae Hu$$le has many artists watching his every move. What does it mean when someone is talking about “Foreign Xchange,” it means that person is making many moves and traveling the globe exchanging Dollars for Yen, or some other currency.

When you come from the heart, people will feel what you say. Once you vocalize those thoughts, takes on a life of their own and the energy is felt by those it touches. Jae Hu$$le comes from the heart each time he creates a body of work. The album includes only 2 features from Azariah and Nexquick and produced entirely by Dan.Akil. Three of our favorite tracks on the album would have to be the title track, “Foreign Xchange” featuring Nexquick, “Density,” and “Stay Home.”

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