Shirt Delivers “I Turned Myself Into Myself” Album

Shirt drops his new new album titled “I Turned Myself Into Myself.”

In “I Turned Myself Into Myself,” Shirt has his mind set on rap music as sculpture. Fully committing to weighted production from the Grammy-Award winner, Jack Splash, the pair operate with both meticulous precision and fluid improvisation. Having produced for everyone from Kendrick Lamar to J Cole, Alicia Keys to John Legend, Splash brings his grimiest palette. Yet there’s a remarkable versatility. The drums on “Dave Chappelle is Wrong” sound built for BedStuy, but they bleed into the celestial harpsichord elegance of “Marni Invisible Cloak.” “I Make Art” creates a downtown funk that you could imagine setting Danceteria aflame. “718 to the World” summons a vintage Low End Theory scenario. Over each suite, Shirt never fails to drop allegorical parables and throat-slitting propositions.

In an era where the consumption ethos threatens to consume us all, Shirt stays true. He repeatedly questions himself and society, evolving, second-guessing, making ever sharper his vision. Like all great art, I Turned Myself Into Myself is fearless. It speaks truth to power and refuses to punch down. It is a reminder to relentlessly pursue your desired outcome through the pervasive shadows of avarice and self-doubt. It’s going out of your way to hear the kid better than Mozart.

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