VibeTribe – Boondocks Tape

VibeTribe - Boondocks Tape (Mixtape)

VibeTribe makes their debut on SpitFireHipHop with ‘Boondocks Tape’.

VibeTribe is a brand and collective created by 20 year old rapper Cochi$e and 19 year old rapper JT, the Hippy, who have loved music since birth. The two rappers have been good friends since sophomores in high school, currently practice veganism, have always shared a true passion for music, and also write their own songs. It wasn’t until they attended college when life led them to discover that being hip-hop superstars and public figures was the destined path laid out for them.

After receiving absolutely nothing but positive feedback from fans for the music they created as amateurs, Cochi$e and JT, the Hippy decided to shock the doubters and give the fans what they really needed by creating the classic that is Boondocks Tape. Shortly after finishing the project the pair of rappers dropped out of college, and shot for the stars by living for themselves and pursuing the career they saw fit for their futures.

The rappers are doing everything they possibly can as independent artists to bring REAL music back to the spotlight. Their debut project ‘Boondocks Tape‘ is the first step. Listen to the project below and let us know what you think.

1. OGVT (Prod. Kid Ocean) – VibeTribe
2. RearView (Prod. Kid Ocean) – VibeTribe
3. Mane (Prod. Kid Ocean) – JT, the Hippy
4. Tryna (Prod. MiiiKXY) – Cochi$e
5. Foolish (Prod. by Kid Ocean) – JT, the Hippy
6. Rapper L.Y.P.H. (Prod. Kid Ocean) – Cochi$e
7. Mary Jane (Prod. MaxoKoolin) – VibeTribe
8. Low Cal. / Heart Candy – Cochi$e
9. Intoxicated (Prod. LucidSoundz) – VibeTribe
10. Juicy Molasses – JT, the Hippy
11. You (Bonus) (Prod. MiiiKXY) – VibeTribe

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