LZRS TXN – The Russians Are Coming

LZRS TXN debuts on SpitFireHipHop with the new single, “The Russians Are Coming.”

LZRS TXN is a fresh new indie hip-hop project. It’s fronted by J The S (Jake The Snake), the underground rapper from Boston who made waves 5 years ago after releasing a solid record featuring Jadakiss, B.O.B and other hip-hop heavyweights.

Now Jake is back, but with a new, futuristic, super refreshing sound. There’s layers to the lyrics and production and gets better with each listen. The first single “Let It Go” was leaked a couple of months ago, but now the EP and new single “The Russians Are Coming” are released together.

LZRS TXN - The Russians Are Coming

Yoel Molina Law

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