Otis Clapp – Prove Me Wrong

Otis Clapp calls for unity, love, and respect on new single ‘Prove Me Wrong’.

Queens rapper/producer Otis Clapp gives fans another taste of what’s to come on his long-awaited forthcoming Helen Keller EP today with “Prove Me Wrong,” a song that tackles the age-old issue of race relations and serves as an open call for unity, love and respect.

“‘Prove Me Wrong’ speaks to the overall racial climate from my perspective. The fact that I can’t sign on to social media anymore without seeing negativity and racial tension (from both sides) really saddens me. Or better yet, the fact that we still have to discuss racism in 2017 is what really saddens me.  This song is almost a plea for unity, a plea to start judging people on their own merits and not the color of their skin; a call for unity, love and respect . An open invitation to see the bigger picture.” - Otis Clapp

Otis Clapp - Prove Me Wrong

Yoel Molina Law

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