OGKV – Down

OGKV - Down

Today ATL rap veteran OG KV, CEO of Big Play Entertainment, delivers new music for the streets in the form of a new single “Down” that will be featured on his accompanying project OG Music.  The song “Down” tackles the issues of police brutality and all that goes into the police using their badge to do anything and everything but protect and serve the people. 

Famed for discovering “Racks on Racks” hitmaker YC and developing underground Atlanta legend Young Dose, this industry OG has been around since the mid 90’s but has always remained true to the music, despite what may have happened throughout the process of getting artists signed and managing their musical careers.

“Being a CEO, and being with the rappers, I really had developed the passion to do music too, but I really wasn’t focused on my music because I was trying to get my artists out there. Soa started doing that, being in the studio where I started doing music and setting myself up to become an artist also,” OG KV said.

While many rap fans are in the early years of their lives OG KV noted that some of Hip-Hop’s first and earliest fans are now in their 50’s an 60’s looking for something to listen to because they can’t relate to the new trapped out and auto-tuned generation of music.   

“Everybody that’s 50 grew up they are hip hop babies, so it’s people that’s older that still love hip hop, but they can’t relate to the new young artists, so they’re like, ‘Put out your music.’ When I look at it and think about it from an artist standpoint, say like Aretha Franklin, James Brown was alive, they would still be doing music no matter how old they were. So even though I’m older now I’m still going to do my music because I still always had a passion for it,” OG KV said.  “So being older, I’m using the OG brand, the music that’s more like talking to the youngsters, just spitting game. Talking about the streets, the reality of being in the streets and what comes with it; both sides of it, not just the good.  Because many people just nowadays they just talk about the balling part, balling and stunting, and as we both it’s not all balling and stunting. Everybody is not balling and stunting. It’s more people going through the struggle, and that’s what my music is geared to. From my past and what I went through being incarcerated, just going through my trials and tribulations, and so a lot of people feel that.”

Thriving with an OG sound that pays homage to the legendary greats of Southern rap music OG KV brings everything full circle with this project. 

“If it catches fire, hey, let’s do it, let’s go. You know, like I said, it wasn’t really about the money at this age because I done have everything. I had all the cars, beautiful women, the houses, travel, I’m seasoned, so it is not about getting the money and getting rich.  Of course, I would love for that to happen, but I just want to see what it’s going to do, see what it’s going to do, see what kind of impact I can make. Because like the cloth I’m cut from, like the UGK, MJG, the Scarface, the stuff I grew up on listening to.”

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