Lee Ricks & MiLKCRATE Give Us “Days Of Our Lives”

Lee Ricks & MiLKCRATE - Days Of Our Lives

Lee Ricks and MiLKCRATE release new “Days Of Our Lives” single.

What do your days present to each time you rise? This new single from Lee Ricks and MiLKCRATE provides a glimpse into the days of many. This new single, “Days Of Our Lives” is a hard-hitting, eye opening track. Live goes by fast unless each day is a struggle. No matter the difficulty some face, they give it all that they have.

With a hard hitting rhyme flow and a neck splintering beat, you will join in the one finger salute to those days. Press play on “Days Of Our Lives” from Lee Ricks and MiLKCRATE and keep pushing forward for better days.

Yoel Molina Law

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